The Most Important Action Many New Business Owners Fail To Take

Caroline Leon
5 min readFeb 8, 2022

Let’s not mince words here. Starting a new business for the very first time can be fairly overwhelming. If you’ve never owned a business before, it can feel like you suddenly have to take on a multitude of roles, none of which you feel adequately prepared for. From finance and admin to web design and marketing and that’s just the business side, before we even think about the creation and delivery of our actual products and services.

Pile on to this the abundance of less than helpful business advice that litters every corner of the Internet these days and you can quite easily find yourself in deep water, suffering from cramp in both legs and without a proverbial float.

As you might imagine, this results in panic.

And when people feel panicked they will try just about anything they can to survive. Because here’s the thing. Most new business owners risked everything to take the leap, sometimes against the advice of loved ones and often left with a feeling they need to prove something to themselves or to others. The need to make this thing work can at times be blinding.

I believe that it’s for this reason that I see so many new (and sometimes even seasoned) business owners spinning their wheels on business activities that are only getting them more stuck and fast at the same time as getting in the way of them doing the one thing that could move them forward.

Before I share the one thing let’s look at a few examples of what I’m talking about.

Building the perfect website.

“I can’t launch my business, reach out to new clients or network just yet because my website isn’t ready.”

Sound familiar? I’ve witnessed countless business owners spend days, weeks and months tinkering with their website before they’ll actually put themselves out there and start actually serving their people. Websites are great, I’m not knocking them but they are not your business. Some of us may even be old enough to remember a world before the Internet existed. How did businesses make money then?

Crafting the perfect niche and/or client avatar

I’ve spoken to many online business owners who are actively struggling with these…



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