How To Reach Even More People Without Burning Out

Caroline Leon
4 min readAug 30, 2022

In this article, I share the best way to reach a wider audience and how to do so without burning yourself out.

If you’re anything like the many business owners I’ve coached, you fall into one of the following three categories:

1. You have a complete block when it comes to creating content and struggle to do it at all or you do create it, but only when the mood takes you and so not consistently at all.

2. You do create content somewhat consistently, but you know you don’t do a very good job of sharing it and have a feeling that not enough people are seeing it (which, in turn, feels discouraging).

3. You are very consistent in your content creation and have a whole strategy around having it be seen by as many people as possible.

I’ll let you into a secret, I rarely coach anyone who falls under number 3, but if you think about the established businesses you follow and buy from online, you can bet that they do.

Which is why, I personally, have #3 as a clear goal that I work on week after week. It’s also why I’m like a dog with a bone, with my clients, when it comes to content. Consistent content creation is one of the key factors in the success of my business.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again:

Your content is your absolute best way to let your audience know about you, your point of view and your expertise.

But I get it, just thinking about consistent content creation can feel exhausting. I’m here to tell you that it needn’t be this way. Repurposing your content can increase your reach at the same time as lessening your workload. Say what??

Let me explain. What do I even mean by repurposing your content? Well for me repurposing means taking something you have already created, a blog post, a PDF worksheet, a social media post, a newsletter, and turning it into another piece of content.

Let me give you some examples of how I do this in my business.

I turn old newsletters into Medium articles, which then become blog posts, which then become LinkedIn articles which then become Facebook posts. You can see here how I turned this newsletter into this Medium article, this blog post and this LinkedIn article. Obviously, I needed to make a few tweaks and in this case I changed the title a few times, but essentially, it’s pretty much the same content, shared over the course of several months.

I also turn workbooks or other resources into blog posts. For example, you can see how I turned this workbook from a free challenge I ran last year into this blog post.

I also occasionally re-use blog posts as social media posts. No extra work is required, literally just copying and pasting segments of a longer piece into shorter bite-size posts.

I even repurpose video content. For example, I used the notes I prepared for this Facebook Live to create this blog post.

Now I know what you might be thinking, the biggest objective I get from my clients when I share this approach is that they worry about coming across as repetitive to their audience. Please trust me when I tell you that this is in fact quite difficult to do and I’ll tell you why.

The percentage of people who are currently seeing your content, reading your blog posts, newsletters or social media posts is incredibly low.

The stats tell us that on average just over 20% of people on your mailing list are reading your emails and the percentage of people who are seeing your business Facebook posts is around 6.4%. So you see, the majority of your audience aren’t in fact seeing your content at all. Which is why sharing your content more widely and repurposing regularly is an absolute must if you want to truly reach and engage with your audience. You could share the same content in a newsletter, then as a social media post and then as a blog post and I guarantee that a large chunk of people in your audience still won’t see it!

So you see repurposing and doing it regularly is the surest way to reach more of your people without burning yourself out.

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to content marketing, you might want to take a look at my low-cost Kinder Content Marketing Class, which you can find details of here.



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